About Us

“The Tim and Willy Thing”
The Tim and Willy Show is a personality filled feel good variety show.  In a world where people can get the music they want- whenever they want it and news delivered instantly and continuously to your smart phone, there is still a desire to connect with and listen to people you know, you like and you trust.  In our A.D.D.- energy drink fueled  world we find ourselves with less time to spend with the people we care about.  We follow our friends and family on facebook and other social media, but we still want to hear and engage with real people.  We crave the kind of connection that you get from interacting with friends like you were together at a dinner party or backyard barbeque. Tim, Willy and Andrea have the ability to bring you in, like you’re hanging out with your best friends as they talk about their lives, our town, the latest gossip and current events without the hardlined views you get from a tv talk shows and radio shock jocks.  Their show is for people who want a light-hearted and entertaining look at the world.  It’s filled with interesting characters, stories, parody songs and special guests.  The Tim and Willy Show will entertain you and give you the friends you don’t have time to meet, talk to or see yet still feel as though you are connected.

Tim Hattrick and Willy D Loon met at Mesa dinner party in 1988.  Willy discovered Tim had just worked with Glenn Beck on Y95.  Tim found out Willy was the notorious “Willy D Loon” from the Jonathan Brandmeier show on KZZP.  They became friends, golfing buddies and eventually long time radio co hosts.  Their radio adventures have taken them from KRQ in Tuscson to KMLE and KNIX in Phoenix and even a stint in Chicago.  They’ve won numerous awards including the Academy of Country Music’s Personalities of the Year, an Emmy and a spot in the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
Andrea Hiland joined the show in 1997.  Her role has included reading the news and traffic, keeping TnW in line and updating us on all the latest gossip and tabloid buzz.

Andrea Veres Hiland  moved to the valley in 1997 – specifically to work with the very popular Tim and Willy Show.  Although she started her career in 1989 in Youngstown, Ohio (near where she grew up)…her on-air roles in radio have also taken her to other cities, including Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; and West Palm Beach, FL.  She feels so blessed to have had such a fun journey in radio, and is especially grateful to have landed on the Tim and Willy Show.

In addition to adding the female voice of reason to the show, Andrea brings all that’s “Trending” to the table.  She has the pulse on what people want to know and talk about.  She digs up the latest scoop on all of the celebrities as well.

In 2010 Andrea became a Women of Radio Top 10 Finalist to be a Guest Co-host for the LIVE with REGIS and KELLY Show.  She was the only one that made the Top 10 from the entire state of Arizona!

Since 2011 Andrea has made regular appearances on HLN’s TV show – Prime Time with Vinnie Politan.  Her role as a “News Junkie” has Andrea delivering her opinions on all kinds of trending topics from “breastfeeding in public” – to “schools inserting micro chips into student i.d’s.” – to all sorts of “celebrity chatter.”  She’s also been a contributor on TMZ Live.

Andrea currently hosts “Asked and Answered” on 12 News/KPNX TV and  She takes questions on all topics and delivers answers from the well rounded staffs of 12 News and The Arizona Republic.  Her reports air every morning on 12 News Today.  Her column can be seen Sunday in the Valley and State section of the paper and online always at

Things that make Andrea happy:  

  • her kids (Ava-7yrs, and Hawkins-3yrs)
  • a vacation with JUST her husband
  • yummy food
  • good sleep
  • reality TV.

Things Andrea can’t stand:

  • her alarm clock
  • a sore throat
  • having homework again (via her school-aged daughter)
  • running out of time.

The Tim and Willy Kid’s FunDation.
Our 501c3 charity was formed after we had the good fortune of  having great and generous fans who have supported us and the causes we’ve tried to help.  Since it’s formation we’ve enriched the lives of thousands of Arizona kids.  We are approaching the one million dollar mark of funds raised and given away.  For more info on how to help, or get help from the Tim and Willy Kid’s FunDation click HERE.

I Bet We Can Write A Song About That
From the day they met, Tim and Willy have seen or heard the world through musical ears.  With Willy’s incredible musical talents and Tim’s twisted perspective on the world the duo has created thousands of songs about every topic imaginable.  There’s rarely a topic we can’t pen a tune to!  Our first song was about a guy who was having trouble understanding the easiest contest in the world- the Y95 Name Game.  All you had to do was listen for your name to be called then ring us up and claim your money.  So we get a call some guy who doesn’t know his name!  We did “He lives in the desert he’s the Dork with No Name!” to the tune of America’s “Horse with No Name” and our most popular bit was born!

Tim and Willy and the All Earl Band
The Hearndon Brothers Band from Handlebar J in Scottsdale is one of the best bands in the southwest.  Having backed up many of today’s biggest stars who stop in to jam they also back up Tim and Willy when they play. The Earls have played some big stages including Country Thunder, Ashley Furniture Home Store Pavillion and of course the Tim and Willy Christmas Breakfast Show at Night!

Tim and Willy Christmas Breakfast Show at Night
It started as a breakfast show- in other words, Tim and Willy would take their show out of the studio and perform it live before an audience at a local restaurant or bar.  Then it became our annual Christmas show.  One year- we decided to do the show at the Celebrity Theatre and pull out all the stops!  It’s a two hour variety show featuring Tim and Willy and the All Earl Band, major musical artists, top comics, celebrity guests, surprise guests, comedy sketches and Holiday cheer.   


Cast of Charaters

Fu Figures It Out
Mike Fenton teaches math and coaches football, soccer and softball at Sunnyslope High School in Phoenix.  In his class or on the field he has a knack for helping kids “figure things out!”  He joins us to answer questions and solve simple mysteries of life like “why is a shirt singular but pants are plural?

Twitter Kim
Kimbery Johnson was only trying to win tickets to a concert when she signed up for twitter a couple years ago.  Suddenly she became a social media icon herself with thousands of followers and a unique fresh perspective on the fast paced world spinnin all around us.

Willie the Wizard
Willie Townsend (a.k.a. Willie the Wizard) drives a recycling truck for the City of Peoria, AZ.  We met while shooting an “how to” video for Peoria about recycling.  Willie is a person you like the instant you meet.  He delivers so much more than a weekly recycling tip.  His energy and enthusiasm is always guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Nelson Down Under
We met with a random phone call to an all night restaurant in Sydney Australia during the 2000 Summer Olympics.  Since that call, he’s become one of the most popular stars of the Tim and Willy show.  His wit, charm, and down to earth advice is mixed with a heaping dose of Aussie “tell it like it is” and wisdom during our weekly hangouts.  Nelson manages 6 very succesful Pancakes of the Rocks restaurants around Sydney and the Gold Coast of Australia.  His goal is to open a restaurant in Arizona and sell pancakes to Americans!

Sports Karina
Karina Alcantar is a young mom and a huge Arizona Cardinals fan.  She called us and said I want to be a sports reporter on your show!  Done!  She has a funny way of pronouncing certain words like “Calico Jacks” and she’s a charter member of the #Birdgang Nation!

Jeramy Hubbard “The Ginj Ninj”

Jeramy joined Tim and Willy in 2011 as a producer and digital media specialist.  He’s in the record books as the first producer who could not get Tim and Willy coffee due to his Mormon faith.